QSO with LZ2DB & LZ2A & LZ11C from 01 January till 31 March 2018 gives you points for DIPLOMA “140 ГОДИНИ OТ ОСВОБОЖДЕНИЕТО НА БЪЛГАРИЯ ОТ ОСМАНСКО ИГО”


Award Rules: 140 th anniversary of the Liberation of Bulgaria

In 2018, Bulgaria celebrates the 140 th anniversary of the Liberation of Bulgaria from Ottoman rule.  On March 3, 1878, after five centuries of Ottoman rule, Bulgaria gained its long-awaited freedom and regained statehood. This was made possible thanks to the centuries-old national war of liberation waged by the Bulgarian people, and as a result of Russia's victory in the ninth Russian-Turkish war.

In memory of Russian soldiers who died in the battles for the liberation of Bulgaria, Sofia began the erection of the Aleksandra Nevskogo Cathedral. This is the main Orthodox church in the country. Since its foundingto the present day in the course of worship it has always commemorated the Russian Emperor Alexander II and Russian soldiers as liberators.

In connection with the 140th anniversary of the Bulgarian liberation, the club Fifth Ocean established a commemorative diploma "140 Godin from Osvobozhdenieto to Bulgaria."(Award manager Gosho lz1zf@abv.bg) The award is issued to licensed radio amateurs of all countries for QSOs (SWL/observations) on the bands 1.8 - 28 MHz and VHF.

Requirements: To obtain the diploma you need to earn at least - 140 points, as described below.

1. Special temporary callsign LZ140LO =15 points.
2. Bulgarian radio stations: LZ11C, LZ1BV, LZ1CM, LZ1DD, LZ1DPN, LZ1KAM, LZ1KAU, LZ1KDP, LZ1NG, LZ1NY, LZ1QZ, LZ1SMX, LZ1ZF, LZ1ZM, LZ2A, LZ2CH, LZ2DB, LZ2HT, LZ2ITU, LZ2JU, LZ2K, LZ2KLR, LZ2KSB, LZ2NG, LZ2OQ, LZ2SX, LZ2UW, LZ2WNW, LZ2WP, LZ3DJ, LZ3FN, LZ3V, LZ3YY, LZ44WFF, LZ4AA, LZ4AE, LZ4AW, LZ4FQ, LZ4KAC, LZ4NS, LZ5C, LZ5ET, LZ5G, LZ5O/P, LZ6C, LZ8EPC, LZ8Z, LZ9R и LZ9Z may be contacted to earn the following numbers of points:
          CW= 7 points.
          Digital modes = 5 points.
        Phone = 3 points.
3. On March 3, 2018, day of Liberation of Bulgaria -. National holiday in Bulgaria points for a QSO are doubled.
4. Repeated QSO only allowed if the contacts use different bands and in different modes.
5. QSO on VHF and 160 meters - add 5 points to normal contacts.
6. Bulgarian radio stations will receive a diploma activator for making 500 and more QSOs.

Diploma in electronic form - free on http://lz140.hamlogs.net   (When applying, go to this website, find the listing for this award and enter your callsign and callsigns of stations you have worked to earn the award.  It info is OK, you will received digital award.


http://wcag-lz.blogspot.bg/  - WCA-LZ ,  BHS  PHOTO REPORT's

I starting in Amateur Radio when I was a young boy at age 14.
 First as a SWL LZ2F-106 from 14.02.1964.Same year I make my first QSO from club station LZ2KAF,
 and QRV also from radiolub LZ2KLC.
 I use my home call LZ2DB since 1978. Firstly with home made TRCVR UW3DI-1 and PA 250 W.
 After 1985 I use in radioshack an KENWOOD TS930S.Have also TS850S and home brew 800 watts amplifier.
 Since 1998 using LZ2A - Contest, Celebration and Expedition Call.

 15.08. 2015 - 31.12.2020 - LZ11C - for expedition's to Castles and  Fortification  History Objects in Bulgaria.

I do accept only paper QSL cards via Bureau or direct.

I do answer to received QSL cards if card:

1.Conforms with my log.

2.Received QSL card has clear handwritten indication "pse QSL".

3.Received direct QSL card supported by sufficient postage fee and SAE.

Please don't send qsl by e-qsl. I'm not member in this system!